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How to combine living room with kitchen? How to arrange the furniture and organize a comfortable and cozy space for all family members? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.

The living area is one of the most important in the interior. However, we often face the problem of its arrangement, and a number of questions arise in my head: is it worth combining it with a kitchen and can it be done? How to arrange the furniture, create a harmonious space and comfortable conditions for all family members we tell today. With perfect Living room design ideas the deals are essential now.

Is the kitchen combined with the living room?

To make the right decision, first find out whether it is possible to make a similar redevelopment in your apartment?

The fact is that there are a number of restrictions on SNIPs and GOST, associated with combining a living room with a kitchen:

  • If you have to break the load-bearing wall, it’s almost impossible to agree on such a plan.

if the kitchen has a gas stove and gas riser, then according to the standards the kitchen should be closed and have a partition. In this case, you can make a folding glass partition and enjoy life in the large living room-kitchen.

If there are no issues with agreement and you have the opportunity to combine 2 zones, proceed! So you can visually increase the area of ​​your premises. And as you know, in our days, free space and time are our main jewels.

Most likely, you may have a logical question: what about smells? After all, when you cook, the smell will diverge and the living room. The best thing you can do – get a powerful hood.

How to arrange the furniture in the living room?

Before embarking on furniture, determine the center around which virtually all pieces of furniture will line up. Keep in mind that the “center” is not necessarily the center of the room. So, in Russia, most often this is the center of the living room TV.

If for You living room – A place where you can chat by the fireplace, then he should become such a center.

How to hang a TV?

If you have identified a TV as a composition center, then below you can find some effective tips for placing it.

It is advisable not to put the TV in the passage. Think about how you and your roommates will move around the room (draw arrows on the plan), and see if someone will not interfere with viewing.

What form to choose a sofa?

  • In fact, the options mass – can be straight, can be angular, and can be U-shaped. First of all, answer yourself the question what is your task? Seat as many guests as possible or, perhaps, watch TV in comfort?
  • Fantasy will help you decide. Imagine what processes will take place in the room. What will you do when the guests come, where will you seed them? How do you imagine watching TV, reading a book, working at a laptop?

What form to choose a sofa is only a question of your lifestyle and how you will interact with the interior. After analyzing all the information and combining with the capabilities and area of ​​the room, make a decision.

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Favorable microclimate

The conditioner controls the comfortable temperature and humidity in the room. Some models filter the air from dust, viruses, allergens, eliminate unpleasant odor. These conditions are only met if the air conditioner is regularly serviced. As a result, regular maintenance of the air conditioner is the key to good health and the health of people who work or live indoors. You can trust on the good at aircon servicing singapore for the finest deals for the same.

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