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How to combine living room with kitchen? How to arrange the furniture and organize a comfortable and cozy space for all family members? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.

The living area is one of the most important in the interior. However, we often face the problem of its arrangement, and a number of questions arise in my head: is it worth combining it with a kitchen and can it be done? How to arrange the furniture, create a harmonious space and comfortable conditions for all family members we tell today. With perfect Living room design ideas the deals are essential now.

Is the kitchen combined with the living room?

To make the right decision, first find out whether it is possible to make a similar redevelopment in your apartment?

The fact is that there are a number of restrictions on SNIPs and GOST, associated with combining a living room with a kitchen:

  • If you have to break the load-bearing wall, it’s almost impossible to agree on such a plan.

if the kitchen has a gas stove and gas riser, then according to the standards the kitchen should be closed and have a partition. In this case, you can make a folding glass partition and enjoy life in the large living room-kitchen.

If there are no issues with agreement and you have the opportunity to combine 2 zones, proceed! So you can visually increase the area of ​​your premises. And as you know, in our days, free space and time are our main jewels.

Most likely, you may have a logical question: what about smells? After all, when you cook, the smell will diverge and the living room. The best thing you can do – get a powerful hood.

How to arrange the furniture in the living room?

Before embarking on furniture, determine the center around which virtually all pieces of furniture will line up. Keep in mind that the “center” is not necessarily the center of the room. So, in Russia, most often this is the center of the living room TV.

If for You living room – A place where you can chat by the fireplace, then he should become such a center.

How to hang a TV?

If you have identified a TV as a composition center, then below you can find some effective tips for placing it.

It is advisable not to put the TV in the passage. Think about how you and your roommates will move around the room (draw arrows on the plan), and see if someone will not interfere with viewing.

What form to choose a sofa?

  • In fact, the options mass – can be straight, can be angular, and can be U-shaped. First of all, answer yourself the question what is your task? Seat as many guests as possible or, perhaps, watch TV in comfort?
  • Fantasy will help you decide. Imagine what processes will take place in the room. What will you do when the guests come, where will you seed them? How do you imagine watching TV, reading a book, working at a laptop?

What form to choose a sofa is only a question of your lifestyle and how you will interact with the interior. After analyzing all the information and combining with the capabilities and area of ​​the room, make a decision.

postheadericon The Essential Options for the Garage Door Service

It is almost impossible to prevent an iron gate from rusting because the corrosion of iron is a natural process, a chemical reaction that occurs spontaneously between iron, oxygen and air humidity. When the first signs of rust appear, you know that it is time to renovate the garage door. There are some aggravating factors or accelerating agents of the rusting process, for example: the garage door has not been properly painted and is exposed to the effects of moisture or is in the coastal area and is corroded by the sea. To prevent the gate from rusting quickly again, it is necessary to apply specific products for treatment and protection of iron.

Repair garage door with damaged varnish Repair garage door with damaged varnish

If you want to fix the garage door that has the damaged varnish, the first step is to apply a paint remover to remove the old varnish, using a spatula to scrape off the debris that is coming loose. Then with a sander, remove the remaining varnish that has resisted, and correct the imperfections of the wood, leaving it well finished to receive the preparer bottom. After doing this process, moisten a cloth or tow in razor or tinner water and run all over the sanded surface to remove any traces of dust and paint that have been left on the surface. The third step is to apply two coats of concentrated sealer to continue remodeling the garage door and grind coat with 220/2 wood / dough sandpaper. Then apply two to three coats of varnish of your choice to give the final finish. Then there is the Garage door service for you that really comes useful.

Tilting garage door repair Tilting garage door repair

One big reason to repair swinging garage door is the fact that they hit very hard when closing. There are two ways to solve this problem: the first is when repairing the garage door, rubbing rubbers to dampen when the gate arrives at the bottom stop, scattered pieces of rubber everywhere where the gate leans against the structure when it closes. The second type of repair on the swing gate is to make a more appropriate programming on the motor plate, if it is of some mark that allows this more precise programming, so that the gate slows down when it is reaching the end of the route.

Repair of automatic garage door Repair of automatic garage door

The automatic gate is one of the most sought after today due to the practicality and comfort it provides. The simple fact of not having to leave the car to open or close the gate is already a huge advantage. There are different types of defects that can arise in automatic gates, some simpler to solve, such as noises caused by the lack of lubrication of the gears, others are a little more complex, such as engine failures or the burning of a plate due to discharges electrical, and in these cases the ideal is to hire a professional to solve the problem.

postheadericon The air conditioners must be installed in an obstruction free place and away from sun light

The wall where you install an air conditioner should be free of obstructions and should not be exposed to sunlight or other types of heat sources. Another equally important detail is the proximity to equipment with gas, oil or sulphur. You should also pay attention to the resistance of the wall, as it will have to support an air conditioner. In addition, there may still be a need to construct a metal or wood frame to serve as additional support. In order to know more about the Air conditioning repairs Geelong, you may always seek help from the various web portals. Also keep in mind when you are installing an air conditioner, leave 15cm of open space around the top and sides, as well as at least seven feet above the floor.

Attach the mounting plate to install an air conditioner

Carefully install the mounting plate on the wall where you will install an air conditioner. To ensure that the plate is even (square), use a level meter. Then drill holes in the plate, then insert plastic anchors into the holes and finally fix the object to the wall with the help of threaded screws.

Drill a hole in the wall for the pipe

You should now find the best place to drill a hole for the outdoors. Take into consideration the length of the pipe as well as the distance it must travel to reach the outdoor unit. The hole should be 7.5 cm in diameter and be tilted towards the outside to ensure adequate drainage. Finally, insert a flexible flange into the hole.

Take a look at the electrical connections

Lift the front panel of the air conditioner and remove the cover. Check that the wires are properly connected and correspond to the diagram in the appliance documentation.

Connect the tubes

Now insert the tubing into the hole drilled into the wall. It is extremely important to bend the tube as little as possible so that it performs well. Make the pipe connection. Also connect copper tubes, power cables, and drain hose (use electrical tape to join them). Make sure that the drain hose is positioned at the bottom when installing an air conditioner to ensure free flow of water, and also make sure that the water will drain to an appropriate location. Finally, secure the tubes to the internal unit with two screwdrivers, working in opposite directions, to tighten the connection.

Attach the air conditioner

After all the steps, it is time to install an air conditioner on the mounting plate. Press the unit against the mounting plate.

Start the installation of the outdoor unit.

Finished the work inside, go outside. Decide where to install an air conditioner. This should be away from areas of heavy traffic, dust or excessive heat. You should still have plenty of space around you, to make it work properly.

Start the installation of the outdoor unit

Once the location is selected, place a block of cement on the floor (level). Make sure that no television or radio antenna is nearby where you will install an air conditioner

Connect the electrical wires

Remove the cover. Refer to the wiring diagram that comes with the unit. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect the wires.

Finish the installation

Remove the valve caps. Connect a vacuum pump hose to the service port. Test all valves and gaskets. Check the tube joints with insulation tape and attach the pipes to the wall with the help of staples. Finally, seal the hole in the wall with polyurethane foam.

postheadericon Better Options for the Website Designing Just as You Look for

In the Internet world, digital marketing is a key factor in the development of any business. Online marketing provides one step ahead, especially when both competitors and customers are constantly on the “net”. For small business owners, however, implementing an online marketing strategy may seem frightening and expensive. So here is a small list of 5 simple online marketing techniques that anyone can apply to help develop their business.

1. Establish Clear Goals

Looking for a way to help your small business grow? Maybe you want more customers? Or improve your brand’s recognition? Or to overdo the competition? No matter what you want, setting clear and precise goals brings you closer to success. A small business can draw a lot from digital marketing, but owners should avoid making foolish steps and applying blindly learned techniques. This type of marketing requires extremely high precision and clearly defined strategies and goal setting will help you focus in the right direction. Choose your goals carefully and prioritize them over time. Going too many goals at once often leads to chaos and missed benefits. You can follow the best internet marketing in singapore in this matter.

The marketing funnel is a combination of strategies that help this time to be as light and beneficial as possible for both the customer and the business. Things like call-to-action buttons, subscriptions, and special offers are good examples of an effective part of the marketing funnel. It can be divided into four.

Content marketing has the potential to generate sales. It’s hard to choose the kind of content that a small online store focuses on. In the first half of 2015, some online stores have provided good examples of this type of marketing, and they can definitely learn a few things.

Marketing content in an online store

Internet marketing, getting to know it and getting all that information into practice usually takes time indefinitely! First, read about content marketing, create articles for the blog, notice that the blog or web site has no visitors, get acquainted with search engine advertising and Facebook advertising , through which readers and potential customers are accessed. With the good at ecommerce website design the result comes perfect.

Internet Marketing – Sounds like a crazy thing

It can definitely sound like that and it is easy to get lost in the fiduciary today! But internet marketing is not really, as difficult as it could be with the right tools and great sites. Internet marketing is a peculiar and awesome area that is best suited for those who consider their own customers and actually do things on the Internet.

Pimples on the cheek and no unnecessary promises

Google is the most effective search engine of today, which really notices whether there are only vain promises in the coffee table, or whether it adds value to customers on the Internet. Surely you guess which one really looks better on the internet? Why? Because the best places and customers are earned!

postheadericon Finest Air Conditioning Servicing Just As You Look for Now

Service air conditioners in Kiev spend a lot of companies, but not all of them guarantee a good result. One-day firms create the appearance of the work done, although problems that arise with air conditioning are not eliminated. It is also impossible to simply refuse service – the equipment is so greatly affected by negative factors that without regular cleaning it will simply break down.

What does the company “Air Conditioning Service” offer its customers? We perform the whole complex of works on cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners of any type. Drainage clogged, freon escaped, the air conditioner stopped cooling, the indoor unit flows – it’s all to us. Our specialists will quickly find and fix the problem. If you order the service in a timely manner, you will not even encounter the problems described above! With the company famous for aircon servicing and aircon repair in singapore this is pretty much possible now.

Advantages of air conditioning service

Budget savings

Maintenance of the air conditioner saves money, because clogged equipment overheats and consumes more electricity.

Save time

By signing a contract with “Air Conditioning Service”, you get air conditioning service on an ongoing basis. This means that you do not need to call a specialist every time. He will independently go to the facility at the time specified in the contract. At the height of the season, you do not have to wait for weeks until the service queue reaches you.

Saving electricity

A dirty air conditioner overheats and consumes more electricity. The same phenomenon is inherent in air conditioners with reduced freon levels. Accordingly, payments to the world with smaller amounts will be received in the apartment in which the air conditioner is regularly serviced.

Favorable microclimate

The conditioner controls the comfortable temperature and humidity in the room. Some models filter the air from dust, viruses, allergens, eliminate unpleasant odor. These conditions are only met if the air conditioner is regularly serviced. As a result, regular maintenance of the air conditioner is the key to good health and the health of people who work or live indoors. You can trust on the good at aircon servicing singapore for the finest deals for the same.

Convenience. We offer our clients an all-inclusive service. The client does not need to be distracted from his business at all – the specialist knows when to go to the facility to service the air conditioner. He will check the necessary parameters of the air conditioner, clean, refill with freon, remove faults.

Consultation with a specialist. The climatic equipment engineer will answer all questions regarding the maintenance of the air conditioner. He will tell you how to use the air conditioner correctly, what opportunities it has, what nuances you should pay attention to.